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Student concerns process
Informal process
It is the belief and practice at Community Colleges of Spokane that the best way for students to solve problems is to first meet with the instructor or staff member involved and attempt to resolve the problem. If the concern is not resolved, the student may request a meeting with the department chair or immediate supervisor of the faculty or staff involved. If the concern is still unresolved, the student may request a meeting with the appropriate division dean. This is an informal process requiring no paperwork or forms. Students engage in this form of problem solving every day with a great deal of success.
Formal process
In some instances, resolution is not possible using the informal process. In these cases, students may choose to initiate a more formal process of review.
Student Concerns Form and Procedures includes the informal process guidelines and formal process procedures and form. The form can be filled out online and printed for signatures and submission. For more information, see CCS Administrative Procedure 3.40.01-D, Student Concerns.
Special circumstances
There are some instances when students believe they have been the victims of harassment or discrimination. In these cases, students should follow
CCS Administrative Procedure 3.30.01-A, Non-discrimination/Anti-harassment.