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SnapStream ITV

Interactive video (ITV) is one type of online learning we offer and SnapStream is the system that records all our ITV classes during the quarter. There is about a 20-minute delay between the end of class and the time that class is posted for viewing. You may view or download classes anytime during the quarter. SnapStream is a great tool for reviewing class lecture materials.

Viewing or downloading the classes requires a broadband (high speed) connection. Downloads are approximately 180 MB. Streaming is sensitive to network conditions so the quality of the image may fluctuate.

Log into Snapstream using these links:  ITV1  |   ITV2  |   ITV3   |   ITV4 

Use the following log-in information:

Username:   student
Password:   blockbuster

You may see a pop-up regarding a TV link. It is not a feature we are currently using, so it can be accepted or denied and will have no bearing on the video playback.