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Workplace Essential Skills

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Orientation Video (Full Length Video)
Intro Making It Work What It Is Is This For Real? Where There's A Skill, There's a Way
See The Movie, Read The Book Get Connected It's Up To Me!    
Video 1 - Planning To Work (Full Length Video)
Intro Planning To Work Getting Started Self Assessment What You Are Good At
Where There's Help What You Are Good At & Help Set Goals Networking Research
Video 2 - Matching Skills and Jobs (Full Length Video)
Matching Skills And Jobs What You're Good At Self Management Skills Transferrable Skills What Employers Want
Job Related Skills Training Where To Look Look Your Best Phone Script
Video 3 - Applying For Jobs (Full Length Video) WES Unit 3 Summary
Intro Applying For Jobs Screening Be Thorough Be Prepared
List Your Skills Look Your Best Be Consistant    
Video 4 - Resumes, Tests and Choices (Full Length Video)
Intro Resumes And Tests You Choose the Words Mixologist Skills
Need Help? Cover Letter Tests More Tests Consider Your Options
Video 5 - Interviewing (Full Length Video)
Intro Interviewing Opening Moves Answering Questions Asking Questions
Closing Moves Planning Ahead Look Your Best    
Video 6 - Ready For Work (Full Length Video) WES Unit 6 Summary
Intro Ready For Work Back Up Plan Shifts Happen Employer Contract
Wow 'Em Ready Or Not Plan To Learn Fitting In  
Video 7 - Workplace Safety (Full Length Video)
Intro Work Place Safety Whose Job Is It? Not My Job Stay Tuned
Video 8 - Learning at Work (Full Length Video)
Intro Learning At Work First Things First Check It Out Learn From Feedback
It's All About You!        
Video 9 - The Language of Work (Full Length Video)
Intro Language Of Work Get It? Got It! Listen Up Think First, Speak Later
Tune In, Take Notes, Restate Any Questions?      
Video 10 - Communicating with Co-Workers & Supervisors (Full Length Video)
Intro Comm w/ Co-Workers No Whining On The Same Side Learn From Feedback
Look For Solutions Though Call? Find Help! Work Together    
Video 11 - Working Together (Full Length Video)
Intro Working Together Teamwork Team Goal Action Plan
More From The Mix Take The Lead      
Video 12 - Communicating with Customers (Full Length Video)
Intro Comm w/ Customers What Do They Want? What They Are Really Saying How Do They Feel?
What Can I Do? Show You Care