Object Pronouns

Drop-Down exercise

Enter your answers in the gaps. When you have entered all the answers, click on the "Check" button.

1. My father is a very good man. I love very much. 2. He likes that book. He is reading now. 3. We take our books to school every day. We use to help learn English. 4. Mary's mother is very busy. Mary helps with the housework. 5. John has a dog. He feeds every day. 6. You are a very good teacher. We want to teach us. 7. John and Bill are my friends. I want both to come to my birthday party. 8. I can't find my books. Would you help find them? 9. Your friend is nice. We like . 10. We have four children. We love very much. 11. I want to learn more English. Can you teach ? 12. They have a new TV. They watch all the time. 13. Our cat and our dog are our family pets. I like to watch play with each other. 14. These flowers are pretty. I want to give to my grandmother. 15. He has so much homework to do. He has to do tonight.