Here are answers to frequently asked questions about PACE.
PACE Services serves a wide range of individuals with varying disabilities and barriers to employment. Individuals with developmental disabilities, learning disabilities, brain injuries, deaf/hard of hearing and mental illness can use our programs and services. If you have a difficult time finding and/or keeping a job or think the classes can be of benefit to you, give us a call.      BACK

You will be assigned an employment specialist who will work with you to determine your strengths and interests. Your employment specialist teaches you the skills needed to find a job. The level of assistance is determined by the skills you currently possess. BACK

This varies depending on how much time and effort you put into the job search and your involvement with the job search process. Each individual accepts a certain degree of responsibility in the job search process.      BACK

Individuals earn from minimum wage and up per hour. The decision to work full or part time is determined by the funding source and you.      BACK

We schedule a meeting with you and your support team to devise and implement an individualized plan. This plan determines the services you will receive.      BACK

PACE is committed to assisting you with follow-up as long as it is needed. We remain in contact with you and your employer on a regular basis and are available for any follow-up services that may be necessary.      BACK

What if I have special needs like medications, personal care, cultural diversity, behavioral challenges or safety issues?
PACE staff are not allowed to provide medical care or administer medications. Personal care is very limited. Staff are trained to respect an individual's cultural diversity. Staff also are experienced with safety issues and behavioral challenges. However, students must follow the college’s code of conduct.     

Tell me about the staff at PACE Services.
PACE has a diverse staff with a wealth of experience. We are parents with a disabled child, siblings of disabled individuals, relatives of disabled individuals, special education certified teachers, elementary and secondary teachers, social workers and employees with a disability. Most importantly, we are a committed staff — committed to the growth and independence of the individuals we serve. The program has minimal turnover, which gives you stable, committed and thorough services.     

Where do you receive your funding?
PACE contracts with Spokane County for the Pathways to Employment program (formerly Choice), high schools for transition services, and the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) for employment and independent living services. In addition, we receive funding from the Institute for Extended Learning, including worker retraining.