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Employment services

Employment evaluation services

Appraisal of your occupational skills, characteristics and traits needed for successful job placement, using tools like Valpar, situational assessments, work experiences and/or job-shadowing opportunities.

Job development and placement

A PACE employment specialist assists you with individualized career planning by identifying your strengths; developing resumes, portfolios and other application materials; and improving your interviewing skills to help you find a suitable job match.

Job coaching

A PACE employment specialist provides you with one-on-one job training. The amount of training provided is determined through consultations with you, the employer and your support network.

Job retention

Regular onsite visits, phone calls to employers and participants, and performance evaluations are provided. Additional support and training for promotion or job retention also are available. A PACE employment specialist serves as a consultant for the employer and the employee. Intervention and retraining are provided if needed.

PACE Services offers ongoing support for our students — even after graduation!

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