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Contracted services

Division of Developmental Disabilities (Spokane County Community Services)

PACE Services contracts with Spokane County to provide Individual Supported Employment and Pathways to Employment services. Eligible participants can select the agency from which they would like to receive services. Services are provided according to an Individual Service Plan.

Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

Certified as an Employment Service Provider, PACE provides vocational rehabilitation services, independent living evaluation and skills training to individuals referred through the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR). DVR counselors and PACE Services representatives, along with the participant, develop an individualized work plan describing the participant’s responsibilities and agreements reached by the participant and the organizations involved.


Job loss presents both challenge and opportunities. This program assists students in identifying career options and developing skills to seek on-the-job training experiences. Individuals who are receiving, or who have received, unemployment insurance in the last two years and have a disability, may be eligible for worker retraining services.

Transition services

PACE Services offers noncredit classes and employment support services for special education students 18 to 21 years of age. PACE works with the student, the student's family and his or her high school in developing an individualized program. Modeled after the Running Start concept, this service allows the student to move on to a college environment while completing high school. A contract is completed between the Community Colleges of Spokane and the student’s high school administration.


When a person is not participating with other funding agencies and requests services from PACE, PACE Services will guide the applicant to a funding source. When a participant is not eligible to receive services from contracted agencies, PACE can provide, at no cost to the student, vocational services. Students receiving services are expected to abide by the PACE student code of conduct and fully participate in job search activities. When a student’s funding source has ended due to successful employment, PACE Services can provide job retention services.

PACE Services partners with many community services to best serve  students.

PACE Services partners with many community services to best serve students.

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