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College programs
Community Colleges of Spokane offers many degree and certificate programs to help you reach your educational and career goals. Use our interactive program search to find out which college programs are offered at your location and get detailed information about course requirements. 
Our career-technical programs offer hands-on training that can lead to jobs in high-demand fields. At our rural centers, you can complete the programs offered at the center or start a program there and complete it at SCC or SFCC in Spokane.
Our transfer degrees prepare students to transfer to a four-year college or university to complete a bachelor's degree. If Eastern Washington University is your goal, find out about Destination Eastern.
Running Start lets you take college classes while still in high school.
Once you've selected a program, be sure to remember it. You'll need this information as you complete your application for admission and proceed through our testing and registration processes!
Undecided? No worries! You can indicate this on our admissions application form and work with a counselor or academic adviser to choose a field of study.
Note: Some career-technical programs have additional application requirements. Please check with your program of interest for this information. In addition, some programs also may have wait lists. Your counseling center has up-to-date information about program wait lists. 
If you're not quite ready for college, we have other options for you…