College Prep
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Preparing for college can be a daunting process for many students. Studies show that students are more likely to stay in college and complete their educational goals if they first complete a college prep or bridge program such as the ones offered through the Institute for Extended Learning. These courses are not for credit, but are organized like real college-credit classes, with similar amounts of homework, similar student expectations and increased academic rigor.
There are now three options for College Prep students:
1.  Take the College Prep course at Spokane Community College.
2.  Take the College Prep course at Spokane Falls Community College. 
3.  Take the College Prep Express online course from home or from one of our IEL centers.
Tuition is $25 per quarter (financial assistance is available).

Information for SCC:  509-533-4600
Information for SFCC:  509-533-3026 
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