Ron Taylor, Pullman Center

Ron Taylor began his college career at the IEL’s Pullman Center after serving four years in the United States Marine Corps. Ron served in Iraq and was stationed at several bases overseas while in the military. It was challenging for Ron to begin his higher education after serving in the military and having no previous experience in a college environment. 
With help from Pullman Center staff, he was able to transition to college life. “The quality of education I received and the amount of energy put in by the instructors changed my plans of transferring before finishing my A.A. degree.” He  Ron  also isa student ambassador at Pullman Center, organizing activities to help build community among the students. Ron plans to complete his A.A. through Pullman Center and transfer to Washington State University to continue his education in criminal justice with an emphasis in law enforcement. 
Ron encourages others to “press ever forward and utilize the resources at hand. From my experience here, I have learned that there is always someone willing to help — all you need to do is ask.”