Mikael Grigoryan, English as a Second Language

Mikael Grigoryan moved from Russia to the United States in August 2010 and wasted no time enrolling in the English as a Second Language program at the IEL. His goal was to improve his language skills to prepare to take credit classes and earn a degree in nursing.
Mikael made a careful study of how to help his family become self-sufficient. Language barriers and a shortage of financial resources were the major challenges Mikael had to overcome, but with his goal in mind, he was highly motivated. In four short months, he passed the COMPASS writing skills placement test with notable results for such a small amount of time to develop his skills. 
Mikael says, “My instructors’ support and encouragement were valuable. They have fabulous patience and they answer all kinds of questions with deep and complete answers. I am thankful to all of them for their attitude and help.” He adds, “The whole environment of the classes is perfect to help students succeed. I liked that the program of study is flexible to fit all learner needs. For instance, at the beginning I took morning classes, but when I got a part-time job I was able to switch to afternoon classes. Textbooks, computer equipment and all needed materials were always accessible and in good condition. Finally, and most important, the instructors were knowledgeable; they knew their subject perfectly and they were able to teach at the student’s level.”
Now that Mikael has started attending
Spokane Falls Community College and continues to pursue his goals, he reports, “My teachers’ efforts, supported by my diligence, resulted in successful completion of the following quarter at SFCC with a 4.0 GPA.” His advice to others is to “look for God’s leading, have a goal, ask for help, be thankful, and don’t give up.”